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What is sustainable development in tourism?

It is the balance among environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development to ensure long-term sustainability. The sustainable development of tourism includes: Making optimal use of environmental resources that constitute a key element in tourism development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural resources and biodiversity. Respecting the sociocultural authenticity of host communities, conserving their cultural heritage as a whole (architectural) and traditional values and contributing to intercultural understanding and tolerance. Ensuring viable long term economic activities, that report fairly distributed socio-cultural benefits to all stakeholders, including stable employment as well as income generation and social services opportunities to host communities, and that contribute to reducing poverty. (Organización Mundial del Turismo -OMT, 2004)

How does Colreservas contribute to sustainable development?

Colreservas has established a set of policies, programs and guidelines to contribute to sustainability in tourism. Some guidelines are mentioned:

Sustainability Policy

Colreservas is a committed Company with the sustainable development that respects the natural and cultural patrimony of each country, promoting with customers, suppliers and employees responsible practices with the environment, local communities and cultural patrimony. Similarly, It also supports the economic development of the region in which it operates and that of the destinations it sells.

Colreservas contribution to economic sustainability

* Colreservas generates about 80 direct jobs in Pereira and Bogotá, giving its employees all the legal benefits and job security. * Colreservas rejects all forms of discrimination in recruitment. No prejudices by gender, race, economic status or sexual orientation exist. * Colreservas mobilizes around 800 passengers per month, which support the economic development of the destinations they visit.

Campaign against illicit trafficking of cultural goods

Colreservas promotes responsible practices to prevent the trafficking of cultural goods, informing customers and suppliers how to apply them. Colreservas rejects commercialization and illicit trafficking of cultural property. Law 397 of 1997 (partially Regulated by the National Decrees 833 of 2002, 763, 2941, 2009, 1100 of 2014), archaeological heritage, cultural national heritage and protection of cultural assets. Law 1185 of 2008 "General Law of Culture".

Campaign against illicit trafficking of wildlife (flora & fauna)

Wild fauna and flora, are an irreplaceable part of the natural systems of the earth. Colreservas promotes responsible practices for their protection and to prevent illicit trafficking, informing customers and suppliers how to apply them. Colreservas supports Law 17 of 1981, Resolution 1367 of 2000 against the sale and transport of wild fauna and flora species.

Campaign against sexual exploitation of children

Colreservas rejects any kind of abuse and sexual exploitation of minors. So it has established a code of conduct to promote responsible practices in the sale of tourism services: CODE OF CONDUCT: http://www.colreservas.com/contenido-codigo-de-conducta-63.html It also promotes practices to prevent and report sexual exploitation of children with customers and suppliers.

Social campaigns

Colreservas supports the development of programs that benefit communities in Risaralda. Join the commitment to sustainable development in tourism! Enter the link " Recomendaciones para viajeros " located at the bottom of the page and follow our recommendations.





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